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Drill to Win

Course No. C6, Period 3

Activities for Iterative Improvement

Soft skill development is crucial as a separator between success and failure as your career progresses. Sadly, some skills (such as conflict resolution) can only be practiced “in the moment”, and unless your job is fraught with these types of situations, you may not advance your skills in these areas as fast as needed.

This course focuses on providing fun, repeatable activities that help improve these “hard to train” skillsets. Along with the activities, we’ll take a look at the core behavioral patterns for these soft skills and introduce connections between the activities, how the circumstances change, and how this relates to your career and goals.

Day 1: Intros and The Chaos of Teamwork

Too Many Cooks” activity that helps immerse the team in highly stressful, simulated chaos to accomplish personal activities and help the team accomplish its goals.

Day 2: Information Gathering for Better Teamwork

Headcount” activity that helps understand the balance and negotiation between successful individual contribution and effective teamwork.

Day 3: Communicating with Empathy and Intention

Launch Calendar” activity that helps players understand the subtle art of phrasing information so that it’s received by the recipient and can empower them to immediate action.

Day 4: The Conflict at Hand

“Budget Cuts” activity that places players in a unique position needing to negotiate their budgets and team value against an administration that’s tightening its restraints.

Day 5: Strategic Thikning

“Re­org” activity that helps players move through planning their impact-­focused work, while dealing with unexpected consequences from an administrative level.


Colt McAnlis
Senior Staff Developer Advocate, Google

Colt McAnlis is an industry expert on Performance systems & Data Compression across Web, Mobile and Cloud platforms. Before that, he was a graphics engineer in the games industry working at Blizzard, Microsoft (Ensemble), and  Petroglyph.

He’s been an Adjunct Professor at SMU Guildhall; Pioneered Google’s approach to MOOC courses (twice), and is a Book  Author (twice). He’s also defined Google’s approach to developer relations through video content, having created over 300 pieces of content for 4.5 million combined views.

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