UCLA Extension

99th Technical Management Program

Going Remote FAQ

How will remote classes be conducted?

Our remote learning environment integrates Canvas and Zoom to create a comprehensive platform with all the necessary electronic materials and resources easily accessible in one place. All classes will be conducted via Zoom with meeting links available right in Canvas, alongside electronic course materials.


Will small-scale group discussions, collaboration and role-playing activities still take place? 

Yes. Using Zoom breakout rooms, classes will regularly break out into smaller groups to incorporate all the group activities that are always a feature of TMP.


Popular TMP classes can get quite large, how will this work in the live remote instruction format?

TMP classes will be limited to just 20 students per class, ensuring personalized attention from instructors, opportunities to meet and interact with other participants, and a focused environment for remote instruction.


Will the instructors just be lecturing to participants?

Not at all. Our instructors have tailored their courses in creative and interactive ways, leveraging this unique course format to create engaging learning experiences. Some instructors will use online games and quizzes, others will use breakout rooms for small group collaboration and role-playing activities, and still others will host discussions and interactive exercises.


How will we be able to network with other participants at a remote TMP?

Classes will regularly break out into small groups where students can meet, collaborate, and network with each other. These small break out rooms offer great opportunities to get to know other participants. Furthermore, the Thursday night TMP social mixer will still be offered.


Are course materials included in the tuition?

All electronic course materials will be provided for each course. However, a select number of courses require textbooks which we are not able to ship out due to COVID-19 restrictions on our facilities. These textbooks will not be included in tuition and must be purchased separately.