UCLA Extension

The Art of Presentation: Creating Credible Messages

Course C6, Period 3

You walk into a room, you sit down, and before you open your mouth, you’ve already communicated 25 things. A true professional can take the complex and make it simple.

This course takes an in-depth look at a professional’s ability to present a credible presentation. We focus on the five dimensions necessary for creating credible impressions:

  • Review various types of audiences and how to structure messages geared towards each.
  • Construct and practice presentations using templates that help students create project status reviews, develop
    business updates, and build compelling business arguments.
  • Learn techniques for thinking on your feet and answering questions in a clear, concise, direct manner.
  • Understand communication strategies to help manage difficult people and control confrontational situations in a composed, professional way.
  • Analyze various nonverbal components of presentations including posture, gestures, eye contact, organization, structure, voice, fluidity, pace, clarity, conciseness, stance, facial expression, image, tangents, fillers, verbal punctuation, pauses, and opinion givers.

This class is highly interactive with various opportunities to deliver presentations, receive feedback, and demonstrate skill improvement. Class participation creates an engaging, conversational atmosphere that provides for the use of “real world” and practical examples.

Gerri Brehm, MABrehm_Gerri

Senior Consultant, The Executive Advisory, Encino, CA

Gerri Brehm has been in the field of Human Resources since 1987. Gerri is a dynamic speaker, executive coach, facilitator and consultant who brings energy, passion and fun into her assignments. Throughout her career she has handled a full range of activities in the field of human resources with a specialization in Organization Development and Training. While working within the entertainment industry for over fourteen years she coached, counseled and facilitated management development programs which were customized to meet the needs of the employees and the business.

As an external consultant she has delivered core management development curriculums for corporate clients, as well as customized programs on time management, coaching, interviewing, change management, integrity training and sexual harassment compliance training. Gerri also delivers programs on communication, motivation, customer service and communication training utilizing the DISC and Workplace Motivators behavioral tools and assessments from TTI. Her coaching work provides executives with the tools to build, increase and maintain their credibility with their clients, peers, direct reports and senior management.

Gerri earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University at Long Beach and later earned a Master of Arts, in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling from the California Family Study Center (currently known as the Phillips Graduate Institute). This background has provided her with a strong foundation in communication, facilitation, and interpersonal dynamics.

Gerri holds certifications in the Franklin Covey, Focus® time management program for Outlook, Presentation Skills at GE, GE’s New Leader Workshop and is certified in DISC through TTI.

Thank you Gerri for changing my view of myself in many positive ways this week! I had no idea one class could be so challenging, nerve-racking, fun, effective, energetic, and empowering! Thank you Gerri for forcing me to step outside my shell and improve.”
– Jason Bailey, Director of Operations & PMO, Activision Inc.