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As an orchestra conductor turned C-Suite leader, Paul Jan Zdunek shares his lessons learned as he explores being a grey leader in this post black-and-white world. GREY LEADERSHIP® is the boundless, non-binary approach to complex issues using a foundational framework yielding transformational results. It engenders curiosity, creativity, emotional intelligence, and a grounded sense of being. Participants will begin to understand how to tap into their inner selves as well as draw out the inner selves of other allowing them to take action based on vision, support others to thrive, and design solutions that break through old paradigms.


Participants will walk away with concrete examples of how to implement GREY LEADERSHIP® in their current, real-world situations, including:

  • Understanding the AssX TheoryTM
  • Meeting People Where They Are
  • Allowing People to Move Their Feet

The Power of Empowerment


After a decade-long career as an orchestra conductor, Paul Jan Zdunek brings over 20 years of C-Suite experience providing business leadership and advisory services for both for profit companies and charitable organizations. He has been a business transformation advisor, change management leader and interim executive for institutions requiring financial or organizational revitalization. Paul is often engaged by organizations needing transformational services to address financial decline, organizational inefficiencies, human capital challenges and leadership conflicts.

Paul’s expertise includes organizational & leadership development, change management, conflict and crisis resolution, complex facilitation, personal & professional coaching, philanthropic strategy, as well as stakeholder management.

Paul is a PROSCI® Certified Change Management Professional and Certified Exit Planning Advisor, CEPA®. He has taught at the University of Southern California’s Sol Price School of Public Policy, as well as within the graduate Arts Administration program at Goucher College in Maryland, and continues to deliver keynote speeches at industry conferences and executive retreats, including Vistage Worldwide, on the topics of organizational transformation and sustainable success. Currently, he serves as the Board Chairman for privately held companies and is the co-author of a book on cultivating GREY LEADERSHIP® titled Cowboys & Conductors: Conversations on Horseman-Humanship.

Paul has a Bachelor of Music in Composition from The Johns Hopkins University Peabody Institute, a Master of Music in Orchestral Conducting from The Cleveland Institute of Music, and an MBA from the Peter F. Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University.