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Mastering Difficult and Sensitive Situations

Course No. C3, Period 3

Today we work in an increasingly pressurized environment where effective communication is essential. Dealing with difficult people is something many people face as part of their everyday work life. It isn’t always easy and it is certainly a challenge. This course covers all of the most difficult, intense, emotionally charged types of conversations that can occur with employees, customers, managers, and peers. Handled correctly, problems created by personal differences can be a positive opportunity to change situations for the better. The key is taking control of your own behaviors and emotions to ensure you use the right skills, when appropriate.

This program helps improve communication skills, relationships, and productivity for those in leadership roles. It contains useful techniques that helps you deal with a variety of difficult situations. Those who attend this course will have an opportunity to discuss their own experiences and learn how to effectively lead in a variety of different work situations. Interactive exercises provide opportunities to practice different techniques and integrate these into personal strategies.

Topics include communication skills that make a difference; identifying ways to manage change with your team members; dealing with difficult and sensitive situations; handling challenging conversations; managing conflict and preventing communication problems; giving and receiving constructive feedback; and being assertive (using four different strategies).

Johanna Hollowich, MSchollowich_johanna

Managing Director, Potencium Limited, London, United Kingdom

Johanna Hollowich established Potencium Limited after 20 years’ experience as a training and development specialist in Europe and the United States. Her expertise is in international communication, cross cultural diversity and distributed/ remote team working. Ms. Hollowich has presented over 500 programs throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States in a wide range of business sectors. She brings a wealth of experience in preparing professionals for the challenges of today’s business environment.

Her current clients include Boeing (U.S.), Chugai (Japan, U.K.), Cushman & Wakefield (Italy, Russia, U.K.), General Motors (Australia, Canada, Mexico, U.S.), Janssen Pharmaceutica (Belgium), MDS Pharma (France), Northrop Grumman (U.S.), Novartis (Switzerland, U.K., U.S.), Novo Nordisk (Denmark, Singapore), Orion Pharma (Finland), UCB (Belgium), The Walt Disney Corporation (France, U.K., U.S.).

With Potencium offices in London and Los Angeles, Ms. Hollowich knows only too well the challenges working globally and remotely.

Helped me with an actual difficult siutation at work- priceless.”
– Juan Navarro, Systems Engineer Wintel, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center