UCLA Extension

Essentials of Business for Technical Managers

Course No. B3, Period 2

Is an MBA necessary for success as a manager? Most technical people are capable of acquiring the skills necessary and the knowledge they need to manage effectively if they know where to start—an MBA is highly desirable but by no means necessary! This course offers participants an opportunity to identify those business principles and practices that are essential for becoming a successful technical manager in commercial and public institutions.

Those who are new to management and those who have experienced years of leading organizations and teams will find this practical course rewarding. More than merely a survey of MBA curriculum topics, this enjoyable and fast-paced workshop is immediately applicable to technical managers. It provides exercises and case studies that surface the essential business techniques and knowledge that are needed and to apply them to actual work situations.

Topics include:

  • Manage the “Bottom Line”
  • Manage Operations
  • Make what Sells and Sell What You Make
  • Put It All Together for Now and The Future