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Continue to Succeed as a Leader

Course No. B1, Period 2

How to make sure your last promotion was not your LAST promotion

 Day One:  Where are you?  Understand the pipeline model of organizational leadership, the role of “hi-pots”, networking and position power.   Each participant will self assess their current role along the pipeline continuum.    The role of organizational values will be introduced.

Day Two:  Who are you?  Understand the components of personal branding within organizations.   Introduce and use the “Brand Matrix” to determine each participant’s current brand.  Introduces the 3 C’s of branding.   Discuss how quickly bosses, peers and subordinates form impressions and what can be done to change them.  Discuss role models of leadership and “good” vs “bad” leadership traits.

Day Three:  Where are you going?  Introduce and work with the GAPS model of individual and organization capabilities to assess current situation and future potential.   Organizational vision and the day-to-day things that must get done (critical success factors) will be introduced.  Discuss the role of stakeholders and others perceptions on individual performance.

Day Four:  What hurdles do you face?  Introduce and discuss derailment.   Understand that for high potential employees 30%-50% WILL derail sometime in their career.  Introduce the Stop, Start and Continue model for giving feedback.   Introduce the role of Vision, Values and Critical Success Factors in driving decisions, behavior and creating culture.   Participants will practice coaching using the GAPS tool.

Day Five:  What can you do when you go home?  Integrate the week’s learning by introducing a Vision, Values and Critical Success factor model.   Work with this model to show how one can impact performance of individuals and change culture by modifying one or all of these factors.   Use the GAPS model to identify development needs.  Create a personal action plan for improvement.

Methodology:  The class will use a combination of lecture, case study, role-play and interactive discussion.

mikeaMichael E. Allgeier, MBA, Certified Executive Coach and Mediator

Michael Allgeier blends over 40 years of accountable, hands on management, operations and people development experience together with the most current learning in organizational development and organizational improvement.

Using a structured, proven approach he works with leaders to enable them to identify improvement opportunities and develop executable plans that will close performance and/or developmental gaps. His mission is to coach people so that they may grow into more effective 21st Century leaders in order that both they, and their organizations, improve, win and have fun doing it.

As a Certified Mediator he has a practical understanding of today’s diverse workforce and the skills to help resolve the conflicts that come with significant individual and organizational change/improvement initiatives. He is an experienced developer of leaders, a practiced operations improver and a respected corporate peacemaker.