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The 104th Session of TMP is In-Person! Enrollment will open early December.

Which industries is TMP suited for?

The bi-annual TMP has supported and trained engineers and managers in technical fields, from IT, defense and aerospace, energy, healthcare, game development, and more, to lead with innovative management skills.

How long does the program last?

The five day program is noteworthy for presenting the best management practices and current techniques and methodologies applicable to those who manage technical teams.

What is the highlight of the program?

“The forward-thinking concept of bringing technical professionals together to explore fresh strategic management approaches for their organizations is the cornerstone of TMP,” says Dr. Varaz Shahmirian, Director, Engineering & Digital Technology at UCLA Extension. “Attendees are technology leaders who are looking to develop new skills on strategic thinking and effective management. We have created an environment where creative and innovative leadership and management approaches are discussed and cultivated.

What is the course schedule?

The March 2023 TMP schedule meets 8am-5:40pm, with four-period formats on different topics.

What does the fee include?

The fee includes all required texts and materials and meals. TMP Week includes a welcome reception, a networking dinner, parking on the UCLA campus, other campus amenities. Attendees are awarded 4.0 CEU upon completion of the program.

To attend TMP at UCLA Extension, please fill out the reservation form. A confirmation letter will be sent to you within 24 hours with confirmed course selections.