UCLA Extension

Advisory Board

Past participants, shaping the program curriculum with industry insights

Industry Members

Elizabeth Breiter
Supply Chain Systems Analyst, SpaceX, Los Angeles, California

Max Cabral  
Manager of Engineering, ZipRecruiter, Inc., Los Angeles, California

George Carion
Chief Technology Officer, Cedars-Sinai Health System, Los Angeles, California

Diana Kalisz
VP, Materials, 3D Systems, Valencia, California

Minuk Kim
Head of IT, Bird Rides, Santa Monica, California

Rizwan Kassim
Founder, Strategist & Technologist Mint and Ultra Mobile, Los Angeles, California

Alicia Wagoner
Associate HR Generalist, Activision-Treyarch, Los Angeles, California

Dan Laufer
Senior Software Engineer, Treyarch, Santa Monica, California

Corey Gillam
Training Coordinator, BlackBag Technologies, San Jose, California

Asad M. Madni
President, COO & CTO (Retired), BEI Technologies. Inc, Los Angeles, California

Janice Duis
Leadership and Organizational Development Principal, Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, California

Anatoly Valenti
Director of Product Management, ReachLocal, Woodland Hills, California

Rex Luther
Manager, Blizzard Academy, Irvine, California

UCLA Extension Members

Varaz Shahmirian
Department Director,
Engineering and Digital Technology

Joon Lee
Program Manager
Technical Management Program

Gina Springer
Program Representative
Technical Management Program

Mazen Khawaja
Program Representative
Technical Management Program

Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, UCLA members

Moshe F. Rubinstein
Professor and Faculty Advisor

William R. Goodin
Alumni & Student Advisor