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Program Benefits

In just 5 days, Better Leadership Skills for a Lifetime

For over 65 years, UCLA Extension’s Technical Management Program (TMP) has been building leaders for the modern workforce. TMP is one of the most invigorating and forward-thinking programs in the world, training managers in a variety of technical fields, from engineering, IT, gaming to aerospace and beyond.

New Managers: Think like a leader. Become a leader.

Discover new ways to solve problems, strategize, and motivate others.

If you’ve recently been promoted, you may find it’s difficult to translate your recent accomplishments into successful leadership. With our TMP program, you’ll discover new ways to solve problems, strategize, and motivate others. You’ll learn the latest leadership techniques from experienced professionals and industry leaders. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with attendees at all levels, from all around the world.

Senior Managers: Upgrade Your Team

Fast-Track New Managers in just 5 days

Leadership, like technology, is constantly evolving. Give your current managers the latest thinking on management and leadership. Looking to fast-track new managers, alerting them to the pitfalls common to new supervisors? In just five days, our TMP program can get your new managers on the right path, giving them the tools they need to build their own results-driven teams.

Technical Management Program Offers:

Personalized 4-Course Curriculum

In this 5-day program, each day is divided into four 2-hour sessions. You personalize your focus of study by selecting a course from the offerings in each time period.

TMP’S unique 4 period format is more conducive for retention for knowledge. Many studies done by Robert Bjork, UCLA Distinguished Professor of Psychology, demonstrate the advantage of “space learning” with interweaving other learning between sessions.

Industry-Guided Curriculum That Is Practical to Your Job

Our Advisory Board members represent both the public and private sectors across many technical industries. As leaders within their organizations, board members draw upon their past Technical Management Program participation and their wealth of industry experience to shape the program’s content, making sure it addresses the business concerns and practices of today.

Highly-Rated Courses

As a testament to the work of our Advisory Board and instructors, our courses typically receive high ratings from our participants. In the September 2021 program, the mean course rating was 8.47 on a 9-point scale (8 = good/very good and 9 = excellent).

Diverse Industry Mix

Our outstanding instructors are drawn from consulting, universities, and industry, and bring diverse and current perspectives to every program. In the September 2021 program, the mean instructor rating by participants was 8.10 on a 9-point scale (8 = good/very good and 9 = excellent).


Networking Opportunities

Participants will have opportunities throughout the week to network with other participants from other organizations and backgrounds.

Broad Participant Mix

The program attracts participants from a wide range of product and service industries from across the U.S. and around the world. This dynamic mix of cultures and mindsets brings an added dimension of perspective and understanding to the classroom environment.

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