UCLA Extension

Reinvent Yourself and Thrive

Course No. B2, Period 2

This course provides an upbeat and supportive environment where you will learn to unlock your true potential and perform at new levels of personal and professional excellence. You’ll explore inner terrain that don’t we normally have the opportunity travel as you….

  • Discover your true life mission and learn how to harness your inner resource towards achieving it.
  • Create a customized leadership identity and integrate that “prototype of excellence” into your nervous system.
  • Understand how your early heroes and role models imprinted your values.
  • Replace limiting paradigms with empowering beliefs and integrate new behaviors into your daily actions.
  • Apply emotional intelligence strategies to step into optimum states of motivation, action, and high performance.
  • Learn to confidently take action in uncomfortable situations despite fear or embarrassment.

Be prepared for deep reflection, self-discovery, unusual challenges, surprises, fun, and actionable insights in this experiential course that blends concepts from psychology, management, neuro-linguistics, and personal transformation. Bring your courage and curiosity to this memorable learning experience that will make a difference in your work and life.

Terry D. Schmidt, MBA, PMP, SMP

President, www.ManagementPro.com

Terry Schmidt is a business strategy consultant who helps leaders and teams set clear goals and execute projects which achieve great results. He is president of ManagementPro.Com, a Seattle-based virtual organization with a world-wide roster of associate consultants. He earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Washington and his MBA from Harvard.

Terry has worked in 42 countries and his clients include Fortune 100s’s, fast-growing smaller companies, the national research laboratories, and virtually every federal government agency. Before starting his own company, he worked for Boeing, NASA, the US Department of Transportation, and USAID/Thailand.

Terry’s nine published books topics include career/life strategy, marketing, and business strategy topics. His most popular is Strategic Project Management Made Simple (Wiley), included in this course.

He teaches strategy and execution at leading corporate universities and in executive management programs worldwide. He is the senior instructor in the UCLA Technical Management Program and also teaches at the MIT Professional Institute. Terry has trained over 25,000 professionals, and his programs have earned a reputation for being lively, innovative and effective.

This course was transformative – not only for the processes and methodologies learned but also for the thought strategies. I will apply these learned in life and at work. “
– Vincent Francoeur, Design Director, Blizzard Entertainment