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Strategic Project Design: The Logical Framework Approach to Smooth Planning and Execution

Course A1, Period 1

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to appreciate the wisdom of NASA’s Rule #15: “A review of failed projects and project problems indicates that the disasters were well planned to happen from the start.  The seeds of problems are laid down early. Initial planning is the most vital part of a project.”

This course features a strategic approach to initial project planning that is missing from conventional Project Management methods. The Logical Framework Approach (LFA) offers a powerful interactive planning/action tool and a step-by-step process to successfully tackle complex problems, projects, issues, and opportunities of all types.

The LFA combines key concepts from Strategic Planning, Project Management, Team-building and the Scientific Method into a practical system that adds exceptional value and clarity in virtually any setting.  This flexible system enables you to:

  • Get great ideas off the ground faster to achieve results quicker
  • Eliminate project–stopping problems in advance
  • Get everyone on the same page and focused on key Objectives
  • Clarify success in advance to reduce finger-pointing and blame­­­­­­
  • Improve cross-functional teamwork and accountability
  • Reduce the stress and frustration
  • Develop achievable plans everyone can believe in and follow
  • Increase ability to execute and multiply the odds of project success.

After learning the core concepts through discussion and case studies, you’ll apply them to your own project. So bring along a real project, problem, opportunity or performance issue to work on, and you’ll walk away with a ready-to-use action implementation road map.

Terry D. Schmidt, MBA, PMP, SMP

President, www.ManagementPro.com

Terry Schmidt is a business strategy consultant who helps leaders and teams set clear goals and execute projects which achieve great results. He is president of ManagementPro.Com, a Seattle-based virtual organization with a world-wide roster of associate consultants. He earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Washington and his MBA from Harvard.

Terry has worked in 42 countries and his clients include Fortune 100s’s, fast-growing smaller companies, the national research laboratories, and virtually every federal government agency. Before starting his own company, he worked for Boeing, NASA, the US Department of Transportation, and USAID/Thailand.

Terry’s nine published books topics include career/life strategy, marketing, and business strategy topics. His most popular is Strategic Project Management Made Simple (Wiley), included in this course.

He teaches strategy and execution at leading corporate universities and in executive management programs worldwide. He is the senior instructor in the UCLA Technical Management Program and also teaches at the MIT Professional Institute. Terry has trained over 25,000 professionals, and his programs have earned a reputation for being lively, innovative and effective.

I feel better equipped to tackle the starting phases of a new initiative. I also am more aware now of the broader goals of my organization and how my day-to-day work relates to it. Thank you.”
Varun Sharma, Sr. Software Engineer, Treyarch

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